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Laura Burns
Laura Burns
Did an excellent job cleaning the large curtains from our bedroom. Quick and friendly service, and the curtains came back like new
Very pleased with service. Would highly recommend.
Lupe Lui
Lupe Lui
I got my curtains today...🥰🥰 it was a big WOW for me... i thought that my curtains were too spoiled and are gone because the molds on it was extremely bad ... but Dirt Doctors came to the rescue..i myself couldn't even believe that these were my curtains... so clean smelled beautifully and their customers service was the bomb 🥰 i tried to get hold of 4 other curtains cleaner but well they were too complicated but i that okay because I'm glad i used Dirt Doctors service 😊 their price is very affordable 👍🏾 and very professional and prompt in every way. It took them only 2 days 🙂 will definitely be recommending their services and will be using them as our go to for now ..... THANK YOU Dirt Doctors you are the BEST !!!!! It's a 7 stars for me service you provide!
Michelle McFarlane
Michelle McFarlane
Gave them 2 sets of curtains to clean that had a lot of mold as well as yellow stains from sunlight. They came back looking brand new! Great communication, great service and a reasonable price. Would definitely use again.
Ben Twigden
Ben Twigden
Did a good job cleaning our curtains, got all the stains out at a reasonable price. Would use again.
Douglas Capucho
Douglas Capucho
Thank you for your service! Curtains came back looking brand new.
Lisa Harkness
Lisa Harkness
Great service and communication from Jyoti .. very happy with our curtains and rugs they look fantastic . Highly recommend .
Good service and professional people. We use them for few times and they never disappoint us. Reasonable price and friendly staff with top quality equipment. Must try them

Tile and Grout Cleaning


Per $11 SQM
Tile floor cleaning
Grout Cleaning
Tile Floor Sealing +$8 per SQM
Grout Colour Sealing
Tile floor polishing

Tile and Grout Cleaning Service Auckland / Tile and Grout Sealing

Dirt Doctors bring a fast, reliable, efficient tile cleaning and tile and grout sealing service to Auckland. Dirt Doctors are considered Auckland’s number one tile and grout cleaning service, leaving them looking new. We have been proudly serving the Auckland area for many years with ample hands-on experience – it’s safe to say that we are the leaders in Auckland’s tile and grout cleaning services.

A hard work day can leave your floor with dirt, grime and grease, leaving a wrong impression on your guests.  It has the best tile-cleaning service in town! We use advanced steam machines to remove stains while also providing sealing services to prevent future messes.

This is inevitable even with the best mopping and scrubbing since they lack the deep action edge required for such tile and grout cleaning. Part of the problem resides in grout being porous and allowing absorption of dust and dirt (which is impossible to remove by scrubbing and mopping). The grout is fading and giving a worn-out look – this is the time to call in the heavy artillery.

Dirt Doctors - Cleaning Services Auckland Nee Zeeland

Are you attempting to ascertain the necessity of grout sealing? It’s easy; we frequently forget to seal the grout, which is a crucial feature. If you go the extra mile to ensure that your grouting and tile filling are excellent, you may improve the aesthetic appeal of your tile lines. If an amateur tiler does a poor job, it can be difficult to correct. Make sure your tiles are professionally and efficiently sealed by using Dirt Doctors.

Restoring tiles, floors, and grout to a superb polish is what Dirt Doctors, Auckland’s most expert tile and grout cleaning service, does. Using the best chemical agents, we provide grout cleaning, tile cleaning, and tile floor sealing services.

We use the latest in technology and best of the products

We take pride in being at the forefront of the cleaning industry, utilizing the latest technology and the best products available. At Dirt Doctors, we are deep cleaning experts who stay up-to-date with the latest trends and advancements in floor tile cleaning. When it comes to tile and grout cleaning, tile sealing, and tile and grout restoration, we only rely on authentic and well-known brands in the market to ensure the best possible results.

Our state-of-the-art scrubbing machine, equipped with a rotary brush attachment, guarantees a thorough and effective finish by cutting through grease and dirt. To extract the grime, we employ a powerful suction machine in combination with hot water and steam.

At Dirt Doctors, we go above and beyond to reach areas that may be inaccessible to others. This commitment to excellence has earned us the reputation of being the best tile and grout cleaning service in Auckland.

Our comprehensive range of services includes tile and grout polishing, hard floor sealing, and tile floor cleaning. Sealing is particularly crucial for porous tiles as it helps prevent staining, discoloration, and high maintenance costs. Whether you have porcelain, quarry, ceramic, or terracotta tiles, We offers a one-stop solution for most types of tiles.

We also provide grout color sealing service using modern technology, which allows us to restore and recolor grout lines to their original condition. This is especially beneficial for older grout lines that are difficult to clean uniformly. If you require grout coloring service, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Over time, tiles and flooring can lose their shine, especially when surface stains are removed with mops. However, it’s important to address the damage beneath the surface as well. For all your tile and grout cleaning needs, trust Dirt Doctors to deliver exceptional results.

Contact us today to experience our professional services and revive the beauty of your tiles and flooring!

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